Wednesday, August 26, 2015

So what 'I am SGL Community' really is?

It is high time to explain what ‘I  am SGL Community’ is. 
So starting from the basics, it is a community of single people, of course. And it covers all of them, those who are shy and find getting to know new people as a real pain in the ass (ups ;) ) and those for whom getting a new friend is just a piece of cake. ‘I am SGL’ Foundation wants to bring them all together by organizing SGLs meetings, introducing distinctive sign (I am SGL) which will make easier for others to see ‘one of us’ in the surrounding crowd and by giving an application which will help you find other SGLs in your neighborhood.  
The aim of the Foundation is not to be another dating site but to create a community in which sinlges can meet other people in the real life who has similar lifestyle. It does not mean that you cannot make friends with couples, of course you can. But be honest, will your very best friend with a husband and two small children have time to meet you for a coffee on a Thursday evening, just like that without careful preplanning – probably not.  Or will your just-to-be-married friend leave his fiancĂ©e and go for a month hiking in New Zealand, as you always planned. Maybe. If he is not that sure about this marriage. 
What we propose is to join our community and who knows how your life will change. Being a single is a lifestyle, in the same way as being married, or being a parent. And, I will say this over and over again it is not something you should be ashamed of. Have you ever met a parent who is ashamed of this fact? It is your way of living today. It has some drawbacks and some benefits as all kinds of living. We as a Foundation want to focus on the positive sites, for example the fact that you have more time to meet new people on awesome meetings organized for SGLs ;).

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Why do we do this?

Mariusz was once single and he wanted to change this, he looked around and saw many nice girls, and he thought, how should I know whether they are single or not. So he thought that it would be a great idea to give them some nice logo. ‘I am SGL’ came to his mind. It was the beginning (
Mariola became single again after 11-year-relationship; she was surrounded by friends, mostly couples… She looked around and asked herself: who will I go on holiday with, or to the theater? How can I meet some other Singles? 
We are the kind of people who believe that the more you give, the more you get. So we are willing to give our time and energy because we believe that creating a special community for Singles will make the world for thousands of people a more happier place. Well. there is a piece of the idealist in everyone :)

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Who is 'I am SGL Community' for?

I am SGL Community blog is for all those who live alone or who know how it is to live alone, or even for those who have never lived alone, but want to know what alone life looks like. So generally, it is for everyone who is human, or even humanlike, more or less.
This blog is a part of our project to bring together all single people (, no matter whether they want to remain single or they are single because they have not met the right person yet. We want to write about joys of a single life as well as some troubles (I wish one day someone had told me that repaining red wall requires some special paint ;) ).
I am curious where all this blogging will take us. Stay we us and keep your fingers crossed for us.